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ADI posters are a great resource for students as they navigate the different parts of ADI labs. Giving students informative tools can help empower them to tackle tough tasks on their own. Information on posters is always up and visible, ready for students to use it to solve problems and answer questions independently. 

Posters Included:

  • Annotating Text: Scaffolding tools and strategies can and should be used to support students as they learn to read and use scientific text. Text annotation is one such strategy. This text annotation poster gives students a reference point for reading challenging text that can help them during ADI and beyond. 
  • Argument Presentation on a Whiteboard: This whiteboard template provides scaffolds in the form of sentence starters and also describes the structure of the components of an argument on a whiteboard. The red circles give students hints about what to include in the evidence and justification sections of their argument. Students can refer to this whiteboard template as they craft their arguments.  


  • 24 x 36 inches

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