Argument-Driven Inquiry in Physics, Volume 2: Electricity and Magnetism Lab Investigations for Grades 9–12

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By: Todd L. Hutner, Victor Sampson, Adam LaMee, Daniel FitzPatrick, Austin Batson, and Jesus Aguilar-Landaverde


ADI in Physics, Volume 2 is a follow-up to ADI in Physics, Volume 1: Mechanics Lab Investigations for Grades 9–12. Both are part of the NSTA Press series for ADI in biology, chemistry, life science, and physical science. The authors understand your time constraints, so they designed the books with easy-to-use lab handouts, student pages, teacher notes, and checkout questions. The labs also support three-dimensional instruction, helping students learn the science practices, crosscutting concepts, and core ideas found in the Next Generation Science Standards. The labs also support student learning of standards in both algebra- and calculus-based AP Physics courses. In addition, they offer ways for students to develop the disciplinary skills outlined in the Common Core State Standards.

Many of today’s high school teachers—like you—are seeking new ways to engage students in science practices and help students learn more from lab activities. ADI in Physics, Volume 2 does all of this while also giving your students the chance to practice reading, writing, speaking, and using math in the context of science.


Type of Product:   NSTA Press Book (also see downloadable PDF version of this book)
Publication Date:   3/20/2020
Pages:   438
Stock Number:   PB349X5V2
ISBN:   978-1-68140-377-9
Grade Level:   High School
Grades:   9, 10, 11, 12
Read Inside:   Read a sample chapter: Argument-Driven Inquiry in Physics, Volume 2: Lab 17. Why Does the Battery-andMagnet “Car” Roll When It Is Placed on a Sheet of Aluminum Foil?


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