The middle and high school kits include all the materials that students will need to design and carry out an ADI investigation. Each kit contains enough materials for eight groups of students. 

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    Prehistoric Ecosystem in Germany
    Adaptations Investigation Kit, Grade 3. Lab 12.
    Predicting Electromagnet Strength
    The Freshwater Marsh at Playa Del Rey
    Magnetic Attraction
    Exposed Tree Roots
    Leopard Images in a Mirror
    Traits of Parents and Offspring
    Secret Substances
    Moon Phases
    Teeterboard Act
    Red Blood Cells in Salt Water
    Energy Transfer in Arctic Ecosystems
    Electric Toy Car
    Shadows Throughout the Day
    Mealworm Food Preference
    Patterns of Change in Living Things
    Star Brightness
    Unknown Powder Identification
    States of Matter and Weight
    Using Codes to Communicate
    Batteries and Bulbs in a Closed Circuit
    Keeping Chickens Warm with Light
    Energy Transfer Through Collisions Investigation Kit, Grade 4. Lab 2.
    Sled Tug-O-War
    Skateboard Half-Pipe
    Pushing a Magnet with a Magnet
    Billiards Break Speed
    Cart Energy & Cup Movement
    Swimming in the Dead Sea
    Rotation Motion Investigation Kit, Physics Lab 10. | New!
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