Dry Erase Boards, Pack of 8

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Product Description

High Quality White Marker Boards, Pack of 8

Each board measures: 24" x 32"  


Question: How many boards do I need for an ADI Investigation? 

Answer: At a minimum, we recommend one board per group to cover a teacher’s largest class. Ideally, it would be one board per group, per class period. This allows students to keep their work instead of erasing their boards at the end of the period and having to rewrite the next day. For example, if you teach five classes and have 8 groups in each of your classes. You would need 40 boards total.

Questions? Please contact us at orders@argumentdriveninquiry.com or call 512-777-4099, Ext. 1001 so that we may personally fulfill your request in our warehouse.

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