Elementary Back Pocket Question Cards

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Product Description

Do you have students that don't talk during the argumentation session? 

Try using our back pocket question cards. Carry this set of cards with you as you move from group to group.  When you see a group that is not talking, hand one of the cards to a one of the students who is traveling between groups. The student then asks the question written on the card.  Once the students are talking, take back the card and move on to the next group.  It is a great way to get a conversation started and to encourage students to engage in more productive argumentation.

Grade Level: Elementary School

Each set includes 10 cards total. The set includes 4 clarifying questions, 4 probing questions and 2 collaborative questions. 

Use in a Virtual or Hybrid Setting

These cards can be used to raise the level of student conversation in a virtual setting as prompts that you can send out while students are doing their small group argumentation sessions. You can broadcast the questions to all students if they are in breakout rooms, or put them in the chat if everyone's in the same room.


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