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Product Description

The feedback sticky notes are colored coded to represent a different types of feedback.  

Students can use the feedback sticky notes to give other groups meaningful feedback during the argumentation stage of ADI​. Instead of asking students to give each other feedback verbally, ​you can ask the ​students ​to​ read the argument of another group and then leave one or more feedback sticky notes on the whiteboard for them to read and think about later when they are working on ​revising their initial argument. This is a great way to help students learn how to critique ideas and not people.


Three of each color of feedback sticky notes is included in the set, a total of 12 sticky note pads. Each feedback sticky note pad has 25 sheets.

  • The purple feedback sticky notes are used when students think a group needs to add something to their argument.
      • Sentence starter, "we suggest that you add..."
  • The green feedback sticky notes are used when students think a group needs to clarify something in their argument.
      • Sentence starter, "Will you clarify..."
  • The blue feedback sticky notes are used when students think a group needs to change something​ ​in​ their argument.
      • Sentence starter, "​We suggest that you change this to..." 
  • The ​yellow feedback sticky notes are used when students ​want to make positive comment about their​ argument.  
      • Sentence starter, "​We like this because..." ​ 
Use in a Virtual or Hybrid Setting
For a socially distanced argumentation session, prop all of the argument boards up around the room, and give each student one of each sticky note. Have them write feedback for four different boards around the classroom while still seated. Make sure they write down which board the feedback is for! Once done, they can add their sticky notes to the boards or turn them in to you to distribute so that the other students can receive their feedback.
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