Life Science, Food Webs Lab Supply Kit

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Product Description

Food Webs and Ecosystems Kit

Guiding Question: Which Member of an Ecosystem Would Affect the Food Web the Most If Removed?

The Food Webs and Ecosystems kit includes all the materials that students will need to design and carry out an investigation. Each kit contains enough materials for eight groups of students. Each kit also includes a Guidance PowerPoint that you can use to guide students through all eight stages of the ADI instructional model for that lab investigation.

Lab Kit Materials

  • Producer Cards (3 producers)
    • 8 sets of each card, total of: 24 producer cards
  • Consumer Cards (13 consumers)
    • 8 sets of each card, total of: 104 consumer cards
  • Guidance PowerPoint

What is an ADI Guidance PowerPoint?

Teachers can use the ADI Guidance PowerPoints to support students as they work through each stage of an ADI lab investigation. Each PowerPoint includes images that illustrate how to use equipment, information about the core ideas that students use during the investigation, and questions to elicit student thinking during the explicit and reflective discussion. The ADI Guidance PowerPoints make it easy for teachers to prep for and implement an ADI investigation.

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