Physical and Chemical Properties Investigation Kit, Grade 5. Lab 4.

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Physical & Chemical Properties: Identities of Unknowns

Guiding Question: What are the identities of the unknown powders?

​​​Each kit includes enough supplies for 6 groups of students (~24 students).

  • Baking Soda

  • Baking Powder 

  • Salt, plus additional salt for Unknown Powder A (Salt)

  • Corn Starch, plus additional corn starch for Unknown Powder B (Corn Starch)

  • Ramekins with Lids for Knowns and Unknowns (set for each group)

  • Labels for Ramekins

  • Dropper Bottle of Water

  • Dropper Bottle of Vinegar

  • Dropper Bottle of Iodine

  • Hand Lens

  • Well Plates

  • Small Spoons

  • Downloadable Materials:
    • Student Handout
    • Teacher Notes
    • Guidance PowerPoint (see description below)
​What is an ADI Guidance PowerPoint?
Teachers can use the ADI Guidance PowerPoints to support students as they work through each stage of an ADI lab investigation.  Each PowerPoint includes images that illustrate how to use equipment, information about the core ideas that students use during the investigation, and questions to elicit student thinking during the explicit and reflective discussion. The ADI Guidance PowerPoints make it easy for teachers to prep for and implement an ADI investigation.

The product images shown may be for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product. 

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