Physical Science, Potential Energy Lab Supply Kit (Middle School)

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Product Description

Physical Science Potential Energy Lab Kit (Lab 14, ADI Physical Science Book)
Guiding Question: How Can You Make an Action Figure Jump Higher?

Each kit includes enough supplies for 8 groups.

  • 3 inch Dowel
  • Ruler
  • Cloth Meterstick
  • Play Dough
  • Action figures (toys may vary)
  • USB Drive with Guidance PowerPoint (see description below)

What is an ADI Guidance PowerPoint?
Teachers can use the ADI Guidance PowerPoints to support students as they work through each stage of an ADI lab investigation.  Each PowerPoint includes images that illustrate how to use equipment, information about the core ideas that students use during the investigation, and questions to elicit student thinking during the explicit and reflective discussion. The ADI Guidance PowerPoints make it easy for teachers to prep for and implement an ADI investigation.
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