Community Building Box

Community Building Box

Community Building Box

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The Community Building Box is a fantastic way to spark connections and create a sense of community in your classroom! It’s time to transform your classroom into a collaborative and engaging space!

This all-inclusive box provides everything you need to foster a sense of camaraderie and help build relationships within your classroom. It’s packed with 5 fun activities, giving teachers the perfect way to get students talking, laughing, and connecting. So get creative and create an unforgettable classroom experience–the Community Building Box is here to serve as your reliable source of icebreakers!

What's included:
  • 5 Icebreakers 
    • Make your name shine bright!
    • String Theory: Move A Cup Without Your Hands
    • Weight-Lifting for Paper Planes
    • Can your group “float” the challenge?
    • Tower power!
  • Serves up to 24 students working in small groups
Age Level: 5 - 99
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