STEM Camp in a Box: Gravity Light

STEM Camp in a Box: Gravity Light
STEM Camp in a Box: Gravity Light
STEM Camp in a Box: Gravity Light
STEM Camp in a Box: Gravity Light
STEM Camp in a Box: Gravity Light
STEM Camp in a Box: Gravity Light
STEM Camp in a Box: Gravity Light

STEM Camp in a Box: Gravity Light

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STEM up your students’ knowledge and skills with STEM Camp in a Box. Filled to the brim with fun, easy-to-use resources, this box has everything students need to engage, create, and investigate.

Gravity Light Design Challenge Overview
With this fun-filled box, students design, construct, and test a light that can be powered by gravity. The gravity light must change the kinetic energy of a falling mass to transfer from the object to a generator.

Who It’s For:
Middle schoolers (6th – 8th grade students) will find substantial value in this design challenge, equipped with all the necessary materials. Using the Argument-Driven Inquiry instructional model, students will explore energy and matter, ratio and reasoning, and systems and system models.

Standards Alignment
Toss aside the textbooks and give students an opportunity to test their science, mathematics, and engineering knowledge firsthand. They’ll build skills necessary to meet the Next Generation Science Standards, a Framework for K-12 Science Education, the Common Core - Mathematics, the K-12 Engineering Framework, and state standards for science. Click here to view a detailed standards alignment document for this design challenge. 

More details

  • Serves up to 24 students working in small groups.
  • Designed for 6th – 8th-grade students.
  • Takes approximately 12 hours and can be completed over the course of two to three days, but remains flexible to your group's needs.
  • Before starting your STEM Camp, take the self-paced online training to learn about the ADI instructional model, the specific design challenges, and how to efficiently administer a STEM Camp for 24 to 1000+ students. 
  • Community Building Box with supplies needed to complete five STEM icebreakers to boost participation
  • Group toolbox for optimal organization, which includes various engineering tools, such as scissors, hammers, pencils, markers, hobby snippers, screwdrivers, safety glasses, and more
  • 6 sets of high-quality materials for designing a gravity light
  • A teacher guide with lesson plans, discussion questions, and student handouts to guide students’ knowledge
  • Online introduction video, digital downloads, and more

How many boxes should I purchase?
We recommend for every week (5 days) of camp you will need two STEM Camp boxes per 24 students.

When will I receive my order?
Preorder your STEM Camp in a Box and save 20%. All preorders placed before March 1, 2023, will be sent by May 1, 2023.

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