Science: Extreme Climates and Weather Chart Set

SKU: 410022
Science: Extreme Climates and Weather Chart Set

Science: Extreme Climates and Weather Chart Set

SKU: 410022
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Enhance your classroom with our captivating Weather-Themed Bulletin Board Set, designed to support National Science Education (NSE) standards. This comprehensive set includes five charts featuring realistic artwork and fascinating facts about various weather phenomena, making it an essential tool for any science classroom.

Educational Charts: Includes five detailed charts (17” x 24” each) covering:

  • Deserts
  • Tropical Rain Forests
  • Hurricanes
  • Prevailing Winds
  • Tornadoes

Realistic Artwork: Each chart is beautifully illustrated with realistic images to captivate students' attention and enhance their understanding of weather patterns and environments.

Informative Content: Packed with essential facts and information, these charts are perfect for supporting lessons on weather and climate.

Resource Guide: Comes with a comprehensive resource guide to help teachers make the most of the bulletin board set and integrate it seamlessly into their curriculum.

Product Specifications:

  • Chart Size: 17” x 24” each
  • Quantity: 5 charts
  • Additional Resource: Detailed resource guide

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